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If you like hitting blunts and enjoy doing it with a glass blunt, you probably want to make that experience the best possible. Glass blunt manufacturers made sure that their products are easy to assemble and that every single part is available for sale.

In other words, feel free to explore our shop and search for replacement parts and glass blunt accessories that can help you improve your blunt hitting experience!

Glass Blunt Accessories

There are several parts of glass blunts that we offer as stand-alone products in our shop. Let’s take a look at them.

Ceramic Spiral

The ceramic spiral is the most important part of every glass blunt. It helps keep the content in place and facilitates the entire smoking and cleaning process. The fact that the spiral is made of ceramic is essential. 

When it comes to using metal spirals, many blunt lovers complain that they can feel the taste of metal in their mouths, which isn’t surprising since metal spirals do tend to give off an unpleasant smell when exposed to heat. However, that’s not the case with ceramic spirals.

In fact, ceramic spirals are made to maximize the entire blunt-hitting experience — there are no unpleasant side effects. Apart from being superior to metal spirals, the ceramic ones are also far better than traditional paper blunts as they make sure no content falls out from the blunt. A ceramic spiral keeps the content in place and gives you complete control over it.

Glass Blunt Replacement Tube

The glass blunt tube is one of the two main parts of this device. If you want to change the glass tube for some reason, you can find a replacement in our shop. The glass tubes are made to be durable and provide the best possible experience for hitting blunts. They can hold up to two grams of dry herb and are made out of 2 mm thick glass. These are usually made to be compatible with popular glass blunts and are approximately 3.5” long.

Glass Blunt Cleaning Brush

Although most of the ash is removed from the glass tube by twisting the spiral, you sometimes need to use a round brush in order to remove remnants of ash from the glass surface inside. These brushes are not always included in the starter kit, but you can find a couple of the best ones in our online shop. 

Picker Tool

Holes that are used for inhaling smoke on the glass blunt can sometimes get clogged with ash, so you need an appropriate small cleaning brush that can easily poke through the holes and clean them right away. 

The so-called picker tool is based on nanotechnology and can remove ash with ease. These brushes normally come with most glass blunts, but you can also check out our shop if you want to buy individual ones.

Glass Blunt O Ring

O rings are small hollow rings placed between the glass tube and the spiral to remove friction when you put the two parts together. These need to be changed every once in a while, and you can find them in our shop. Luckily, these small rubber parts are pretty affordable.

Glass Blunt Silicone Caps

Finally, when you fill the glass tube with weed, you need to protect the burning end by placing a silicone cap on it. Starter kits usually include two silicone caps that are also very convenient when you carry the glass blunt around. If you have lost one of these caps or you simply want to buy additional ones, feel free to explore our shop and find cheap caps for your glass blunt.

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