Behind the blog of Glass Blunt Canada

Hello there, I am the designated blogger here at As you can probably already assume, I am a massive marijuana enthusiast. I love smoking weed, but I also love writing about it and doing research on everything weed-related.

I’m still a young guy, but I’ve been a ganja businessman for several years now, and a weed lover even longer. The moment I started smoking weed, I realized how great this plant was and how vital it was to help others come to the same realization. That’s why I work hard to learn more and more about cannabis, how it works, how to consume it properly, and everything else one should know about this spectacular plant!

I’m happy that the laws have changed drastically, and that they continue to change. But I am even happier knowing that the public perception about cannabis has changed drastically in the last two decades. It’s amazing how more and more research is showing that the plant is not only harmless but beneficial as well. 

When it comes to me though, my business interests have enabled me to continue with my creative pursuits, which is why I am now a blogger, but also a musician, as this is another way for expressing my creative side. It’s also something I love to think I’m good at, so I’m never going to stop doing it! 

Another hobby of mine is cooking, and with every passing day, I’m getting better and better at it. As you can probably assume, I started dabbling with recipes as a result of the many munchie moments I experienced. In time, I became better at making delicious meals, and now I am able to make something on my own, and most of it is tasty, I promise!

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